New Laws, New Priorities for California Small Business Owners in 2022

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Every year California releases new, updated, and expanded laws that Business Owners must know about and (more importantly) know how to comply with!

Simply knowing the laws doesn’t really matter, and we know this from our own daily life. For instance, we all know that the law says you cannot “jay walk”. But, if you don’t know what “jay walking is” or what constitutes “jay walking” then how will you avoid doing it?

OK, OK, we all may know that jay walking is walking in the middle of a street. But do we realize that in most jurisdictions, jay walking occurs any time a pedestrian walks outside of a cross walk in any way? So does this mean we can’t walk in a bike path? Or cut across a corner of an intersection? Knowing even this simple distinction makes the difference between simple compliance and proactive compliance. Simple compliance causes you to avoid walking in the middle of the street, but allows you to walk in other parts of the street. Proactive compliance says, no let’s avoid walking in the street altogether, unless it is in an intersection, because the purpose of the law is to prevent accidents. It is proactive compliance that’s going to keep you out of lawsuits. Keep that example front of mind as I list the New California Laws affecting Business Owners in 2022. Because, it’s not enough to simply know the list, you’ve got to know what it means and how to proactively comply if it’s going to help you at all:

  • California Family Rights Act- AB 1033
  • Safety and Wage Enforcement Penalties: SB 606, AB 1003, SB 572
  • Settlement and Severance Agreements: SB 331
  • Worker Classification: AB 2257, AB 1506, AB 1561
  • Industry Specific Measures: AB 701: Warehouse Distribution Centers SB 62 Garment Manufacturing SB 93: Hospitality AB 73: Agriculture SB 362: Healthcare SB 646: Janitorial Services SB 321: Domestic Workers
  • Covid-19 : AB 685

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