Serving Various INDUSTRIES

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Our goal is to protect CA small business owners from devastating, door-closing, dream-ending employee lawsuits. We accomplish our goals by providing CONFIDENCE, ENCOURAGEMENT, and HOPE for the journey. 

√ Confidence: We aim to give CA Business Owners the confidence to run their businesses the way that they want to and fuel the life that they desire, with the peace of mind that they are protected. 

√ Encouragement: Our goal is that by walking alongside business owners on their journey, our advice will provide the support they need to flourish. 

√ Hope: By having the unwavering support of SGVLAW, our goal is that our clients will have hope for their futures, their families, and their businesses. 


Subscription Services, Hourly rates, or Flat fees

Our plans are as unique as our clients! We offer services in a monthly subscription service format, on an hourly basis, and also on a flat fee basis.

Fully Customizable

It only makes sense to work with us, if it makes Business sense. We are confident of the necessity of our services to your business and so our legal planning strategy is designed to pinpoint the most pressing needs of your business and tailor to services those needs .

Service and Quality

Hospitality is in our blood, from our culture, to our values, to our first career out of college! Thus, we remember that relationships are everything and so we strive to treat every client with excellent service and stellar communication.

Practical Experience

Unlike most other Attorneys, we have actual experience managing employees and business demands in a busy operational setting while trying to comply with California Business and Employment Laws. Thus, the advice we give will always seek to pair the law with practical experience so that you can implement with ease.