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I am a small business owner, a native Californian, and chances are I am a lot like you. I created my business as a single mom with the goal of creating a life without limits  and a legacy for my daughter. Like most entrepreneurs, I was no longer willing to work constrained by other’s rules so instead, I created my own.


As a native Californian, I know there might be easier parts of the country to operate a business. But, because this is my home, and because of the endless possibilities California has to offer, I am invested into my business and my community. I know it is more than possible to thrive as a California business and I am not intimidated by the economy or the hiring climate or any other limiting beliefs, because our business demands it and our clients deserve it. 


Prior to becoming an Attorney, my first career was as a Corporate Human Resources Professional in hotels, retail, and corporate headquarters with employees in all 50 states and Internationally. Now, I exclusively protect small business owners while leveraging my prior experience, to provide practical, proactive legal strategies to avoid devastating lawsuits.


To me, family is everything! In my free time, you can find me at the soccer field cheering on my nephews, teaching Human Resources Compliance at Trinity Law School, rooting for LA sports teams, volunteering with Christian Legal Aid, going to concerts with my husband, and driving my daughter to all of her (many!) activities.


Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your business. Schedule a strategy session with me today! 


  • Trinity Law School, Employment Law, Juris Doctor

  • Biola University, B.A. Communication Studies


  • Admitted to the State Bar of California

  • Certified Mediator, CA Dispute Resolutions




  • Adjunct Professor, Trinity Law School, Masters of Legal Studies Human Resources

  • Courses: Human Resources Compliance, Employment Discrimination, and Labor Law

  • Volunteer Attorney, Christian Legal Aid of Los Angeles




Unique Payment Options: Subscription Services and Flat Fees

Our plans are as unique as our clients! We offer services in a monthly subscription service format or on a flat fee basis so that you never have to guess how much your next bill will be. 

Customized Solutions

It only makes sense to work with us, if it makes Business sense. We are confident of the necessity of our services to your business and so our legal planning strategy is designed to pinpoint the most pressing needs of your business and tailor to services those needs .

Personalized Service & Quality

Hospitality is in our blood, from our culture, to our values, to our first career out of college! Thus, we remember that relationships are everything and so we strive to treat every client with excellent service and stellar communication.

Practical Business Operations Experience

Unlike most other Attorneys, we have actual experience managing employees and business demands in a busy operational setting while trying to comply with California Business and Employment Laws. Thus, the advice we give will always seek to pair the law with practical experience so that you can implement with ease.

After Bedtime Office Hours

If you’re like us, your day is filled with business, errands, and kiddos.

Because family comes first for us too, we offer our busy clients time with their lawyer after the kids are in bed.

Because, let’s face it, just because their day ends doesn’t mean ours does!


√ Confidence: We aim to give YOU, the CA Business Owner, the confidence to run your businesses the way that you want to and fuel the life that you desire, with the peace of mind that you are protected.

√ Encouragement: Our goal is that by walking alongside you, our advice will provide the support you need to flourish.

√ Hope: By having the unwavering support of SGVLAW, our goal is that you will have hope for your  futures, your families, and your business.



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