Can you afford not to have a legal strategy?



In CA it costs Business Owners…

X $50k to settle an employment lawsuit outside of court

X $1 million dollars for a wrongful termination or discrimination

X 56.5 million for a class action lawsuit

X $5000-$25,000 per worker for misclassified Independent Contractors

With these numbers, if you’re doing business in California, you cannot afford to be without a savvy lawyer to advise you.

Our Subscription Service package allows you to protect your business by having strategic legal advice on the topics you need, when you need it from a Trusted Advisor.

Pay a monthly flat fee for peace of mind.

The Project

Whether you are preparing to implement a new process, hire a new HR person, or take on a new function or vendor, we can lead your Employee project while keeping Business goals, practicality and risk as top of mind.

Business Audit

Comprehensive Culture & Compliance Audit

We begin every Subscription Service with a comprehensive culture and compliance audit of your current Business practices so we can identify areas of exposure and provide counsel and direction to bring your business up to compliance.