Do you hate group projects, too?

Do you hate group projects because you know you have what it takes to achieve your own desired results?

  • Are you inspired by helping others and seeing them grow?
  • Do people constantly tell you how encouraging and helpful you are?
  • Do you prefer to be in control of your own work and your own results?
  • Are you inspired by finding new ways to do the same old tasks?
  • Do you love a good checklist and get excited to achieve milestones and complete projects?
  • Would you rather say it than write it?

If you answered YES to the above list, read on!

We know times are tough, yet our business is growing. We know it’s hard to hire, yet we believe that awesome people still exist and have always been difficult to find because they have high standards.

We have high standards too.

And we are not intimidated by the economy or the hiring climate or any other limiting beliefs, because our business demands it and our clients deserve it. 

Are you looking to take control and work in alignment with your talents rather than against them?

About San Gabriel Valley Law

We are located in Pasadena, CA, and serve Small Business Owners all over California and in various industries. We focus on compliance and mitigation of risk prior to the lawsuit, when it matters the most. When people ask why Business Owners would need San Gabriel Valley Law, we say “Because employee issues are legal issues”.

Our pillars and commitments to our clients are:

  • Confidence: We aim to give the CA Business Owner the confidence to run their businesses the way that they want to and fuel the life that they desire, with the peace of mind that they are protected
  • Encouragement: Our goal is that by walking alongside them, our advice will provide the support they need to flourish
  • Hope: By having the unwavering support of SGVLAW, our goal is that they will have hope for their futures, their families, and their business

Employees work fully remote with over 15 paid holidays, 1 full week off and paid during the holidays, health and mental health stipends, and summer Fridays!

The following opportunities are listed on Wizehire



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