65% of Small Businesses never make it to Year 10.

Here are a few reasons why;

  1. Not Controlling Costs
  2. Implementing bad business advice
  3. Lawsuits & Penalties
  4. Not adapting to market changes
  5. Not having the right people or processes

Our Culture and Compliance Audit is designed to hit on all of those areas as it pertains to California Employment Law. California is one of the most employee friendly states in America and employers without strong legal strategy find themselves ill equipped to navigate the vast legal issues which will undoubtedly arise. While no one can promise you an end to lawsuits, sound legal strategy and advice can lesson the windfall and become the difference between devastation and inconvenience.

The Audit focuses on the two areas which impact business performance the most: the culture (people problems) and the compliance (legal problems). By addressing both areas, businesses have the ability to know their weaknesses and thrive.





Competitive Advantage

Maximize Performance

Business Bottom Line


Legal Precedent

Mitigating Risk

Anticipating Pitfalls

Wise Counsel